AMDISA is a membership organization; in other words, it is necessary to be a member in order to avail of its services and participate in its activities. Membership services include: 


Workshops International Networking &
Research & Promotion
Forums Quality Assurance Institution Building


AMDISA organises several types of workshops.

a) Regional Workshops for Faculty focus on frontier areas in management. Participation is open to faculty from member institutions in South Asia.
  • International Business: Lahore 1990.

  • Strategic Management: Sri Lanka 1990.

  • Entrepreneurship Development in Management Education: Bombay 1991, Dhaka 1992.

  • Women in Management: Hyderabad 1991, Dhaka 1994.

  • Redeployment of Labour, Hyderabad, 1994.

  • Manufacturing and Services, New Delhi, 1992.

  • Environment Management, Hyderabad 1997.

  • Environment Management, Manipal 1999

  • Case Writing Skills: Dhaka 1989, Lahore 1993 Hyderabad 1993.

  • Case Teaching Workshop: New De1hi 1989, Dhaka 1994.

  • Consulting Skills: Kathmandu 1990, Dhaka 1994,Colombo 1994, Pune 1995, Pune 1999

  • South Asian Workshop for NGO Managers, Hyderabad, 2006

b) Regional Workshops for Deans and Directors and Management Colloquia
help heads of organisations focus on key issues in review, audit and action for institutional groups.
  • Institution Building for Heads of Management Development Institutions, Kathmandu 1992.

  • Institution Building for Heads of Corporate Development Centres, New Delhi 1992.

  • Regional Doctoral Programme, Madras, 1996.

  • Self Financing of Business Schools 1997.

  • AMDISA – ISB Meeting of Deans & Directors of B-Schools, Hyderabad 2007.

  • AMDISA – CMRC South Asian Workshop on Capability Building Prespectives for South Asian B-Schools, Hyderabad 2008.

c) Regional South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS) Workshops
are designed to develop and continually improve AMDISA’s institutional quality assurance and peer reviewing process. Since 2000, 13 such workshops have been organised in various cities in the South Asian region as below. For other details please refer to the section on SAQS in this website
  • AMDISA Workshop on Reinventing Management Education: Closing the gap between B-Schools and Corporations, at Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, June 23-24, 2000.

  • AMDISA Workshop for Directors and Deans of Business Schools on Institutional Assessment, Quality Improvement and Accreditation, at School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad, August 25-26, 2000.

  • AMDISA-AIMS Workshop on Accreditation and Quality Assurance of South Asian Business Schools, Bangkok, in collaboration with Association of Indian Management Schools, at Hotel Narai, Bangkok, during Global Management Forum on June 9th, 2002.

  • AMDISA Workshop on Quality Assurance and Accreditation of South Asian Business Schools, Sri Lanka, in cooperation with Postgraduate Institute of Management, University of Jayewardenepura, Colombo, September 5-6, 2002.

  • AMDISA Workshop on Quality Improvement & Quality Assurance Of South Asian Business Schools, Bangladesh in cooperation with North South University, Dhaka, March 14-15, 2003.

  • First Workshop on European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)-AMDISA Collaboration for Improving Quality Standards of Business Schools in South Asia, at Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, November 11-14, 2003.

  • AMDISA – The Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Workshop on Accreditation of South Asian B-Schools, at Hotel Taj Residency, Kohinoor Hall, Hyderabad January 22nd, 2004.

  • Second Workshop on EFMD-AMDISA Collaboration for Accreditation Initiative, at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, February 11-13, 2004.

  • Third Workshop on EFMD-AMDISA Collaboration for Accreditation Initiative, at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, March 17th, 2004.

  • AMDISA-EFMD Workshop on Project under European Commission’s Asia Link Project on Quality Improvement of Business Schools in South Asia, Phase I, at LUMS, Lahore, November 27th, 2004.

  • Workshop for Deans and Directors of Business Schools on Accreditation and Institutional Building with the support of Governance of Institutional and Development Division of Commonwealth Secretariat, London at LUMS, Lahore, November 28th, 2004.

  • AMDISA-ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad Workshop for Directors and Deans – Leadership, Institution Building and Quality Assurance in South Asian Business Schools at Centre for Organisation Development, Hyderabad on January 27-29, 2005.

  • SAQS Workshop for Peer Reviewers at Centre for Organisation Development, Hyderabad, January 11-14, 2006.

  • AMDISA International Conference on What Price Quality? Towards a New Paradigm for Management Education, at Hotel Taj Deccan, Kohinoor Hall, Hyderabad on September 14, 2009.

  • SAQS Workshop for Peer Reviewers at AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, February 4-5, 2010.

  • SAQS Workshop for Peer Reviewers at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan, June 15-16, 2010.

  • AMDISA’s International Conference on “Building Quality in Management Education for Sustained Institutional Development” at Hotel Taj Deccan, Synergy Hall, Hyderabad, India on December 12, 2014. Please Click Herefor Conference Souvenir.”

  • SAQS Workshop for Peer Reviewers at AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad,February 18-20, 2015.

  • AMDISA's International Conference on "Accreditation for Institutional Learning and Growth" at Hotel Manohar, Crystal Palace - B, Hyderabad, India on December 8, 2015." Please Click Here for Conference Souvenir.

  • AMDISA's Conference on "The Journey of Quality Assurance to Accreditation - Experiences and Future Prospects" organised by IFIM Business School, Bengaluru on 3rd March, 2017 at IFIM Business School, Bengaluru, India

  • AMDISA organised a One-Day Workshop on "Self-Assessment Report Writing" on 7th March, 2018 at AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India.

  • SAQS Workshop for Peer Reviewers at Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 10-11, 2018.

(d) South Asian Workshop for NGO Managers

AMDISA-FES Regional Training Workshop for NGO Functionaries in South Asia was held at Hyderabad from June 11-17, 2006, coordinated by Prof Arif A Waqif, Director, Research. The main focus of the Workshop was to promote South Asian perspectives and sharing of experiences in management of grass roots development activities. . A total of 19 NGO functionaries from 5 SAARC countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka) participated in the Workshop. The Workshop was sponsored by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, New Delhi, and supported by FES offices in other South Asian countries.

(e) Project Management Programme at Male

The Programme/Workshop on Project Management for Faculty of Management and Computing, Maldives College for Higher Education, Male, was held at Male, during April 20-24, 2008. It was coordinated by Prof Arif A Waqif, Director, Academic. The main focus of the Programme/Workshop was to enable and facilitate learning of the latest approaches to project planning, appraisal, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as specifically relevant for project managers in Maldives. A total of 30 officers and managers from public and private sectors participated in this Programme. Valuable inputs for the Programme were provided by very senior officers from the Government of Maldives apart from the academic resource persons. The Programme was supported by the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation, London.

(f) Regional Consultations on Enhancing Intra-regional Connectivity (2010-2020)

Regional Consultations on Enhancing Intra-regional Connectivity (2010-2020): Issues and Approaches in South Asia at India International Centre, New Delhi from February 14 to 16, 2010.

(g) Commemoration of SAARC Charter Day

  • Role of B-Schools in Strengthening Cooperation in South Asia to commemorate the 24th SAARC Charter Day. The Charter Day was held at AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 11th December, 2008.

  • 25th SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at the AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2009.

  • 26th SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at the AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2010.

  • 27th SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at the AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2011.

  • 28th SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at the AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2012.

  • 29th SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at the AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2013.

  • 30th SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at the AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2014.

  • 31st SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at Hotel Manohar, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2015.

  • 32nd SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at the AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2016.

  • 33rd SAARC Charter Anniversary was held at the AMDISA Secretariat, Hyderabad, India on 8th December 2017.

(h) International Conference on “Internationalization of Management Development  and South Asian Response” was held by School of Management Studies, University Of Hyderabad in association with AMDISA on 11th and 12th of April, 2014 at University of Hyderabad, India.

(i) Session on “Contextualizing Management Education” was held at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, hosted by IIM-A on afternoon of 18th August, 2015. The discussions which were in the nature of a freewheeling brainstorming session focused on sub-themes relating to Executive Education, Research and Public Policy Engagement and on how various institutions, including IIM-A, interact with various constituencies in the environment (business, society and government). Prof. Ashish Nanda, (Director), Prof. Ajay Pandey (Dean, Programmes), Prof. G. Raghuram (Dean, Faculty) and Prof. Rama Mohana Turaga (Associate Professor, Public Systems Group) from IIM-A initiated the discussions on the sub-themes and AMDISA Executive Board Members from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka participated in the deliberations.

(j) AMDISA's Regional Management Conference - 2016 on “Management Development through International Networking and Collaborations” organized by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (CPM), Colombo, Sri Lanka and Post Graduate Institute of Management (PIM), Colombo, Sri Lanka and in association with AMDISA on 25th and 26th July, 2016 at PIM, Colombo.

(k) CPM's Regional Management Conference - 2017 on “"Transformational Leadership: Turning Ideas into Action" organized by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (CPM), Colombo, Sri Lanka supported by AMDISA on 26th and 27th September, 2017 at Colombo, Sri Lanka.


AMDISA promotes research in areas which are of relevance to South Asian management. It generates funds to support such studies, assembles researchers from member institutions in different countries of South Asia, formulates a common design and methodology, helps member-institutions to undertake research, and finally integrates country reports for wider circulation.

For example, AMDISA, with the support of Asia Pacific Development Centre in Kuala Lumpur, organised a five nation research project on Civil Services in South Asia. With a common methodology and agreed framework, IBA Dhaka, ASCI Hyderabad, NIBM Colombo, NASC Kathmandu and IBA Lahore participated in this cooperative research. AMDISA Secretariat conducted the study which was published by APDC, Kuala Lumpur.


Sponsored by Commonwealth Secretariat 2004-05 to 2012- 13

The specific objective of the programme is to provide financial and academic-institutional assistance to Ph.D scholars and younger academics who are citizens of any of the South Asian Commonwealth member countries (Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), for undertaking original comparative  research of international quality and standards based  in at least two South/South-East Asian Commonwealth member countries (Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore), including the candidate's home country, in the field of management and/or social sciences and other related disciplines, especially in emerging areas.

The broader objective is to contribute to the development of South Asian academic perspectives, networks and communities in management and related areas.

The applicants should be resident-citizens of one of the above South Asian Commonwealth member countries, and should be registered Ph.D scholars or full-time teachers–researchers with a doctorate degree in recognised academic institutions in their home country.

The Programme provides financial and institutional support for data collection and analysis, travel, and other incremental research-related expenditures. It is administered by a 5-member AMDISA Regional Fellowship Committee, comprising senior eminent academics from the South Asian management institutions which are AMDISA members. AMDISA Executive Board provides overall policy guidance

The details of eight Fellowships awarded todate are summarised in the following table.


S No

Fellowship Type and Topic of Research

Fellow and Institution

I – 2004-2006


Doctoral: Distributed and Decentralised Real-Time Information Network for Disaster Management (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)

Mr. M. Scalem, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India (Dr. Scalem is now at IIM-Indore.)


Post Doctoral: Environmental Management Strategies of Corporate Enterprises in Malaysia, Singapore and India: A Comparative Study

Dr. Gurdip Singh, Punjab School of Management Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala


Post Doctoral: A Comparative Study of Service Quality Delivered by Public Sector Banks in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Dr. Mukta Kamplikar, Tata Management Training Centre, Poona

II – 2006-2007


Doctoral: Foreign Direct Investment and Economy Growth in India and Bangladesh: A Comparative Study.

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Bari, Department of Finance and Banking, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Doctoral: A Study of Strategic Orientation of Human Resource Professionals in South Asian Corporate Sector (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka)

Mr.Ajantha Dharmasiri Faculty, Postgraduate Institute of Management,
Sri Jayawardenepura University, Sri Lanka (Now Dr Ajantha Dharmasiri.)


Post Doctoral: Comparison of HRD Systems for Customer Care Services Management in Outsourced Call Centres in India and Sri Lanka

Dr. Saman Dassanayake, Sr. Lecturer, Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


Post Doctoral: Effectiveness of Transformational / Transactional Management in Educational Institutes of South Asia: A Cross Cultural Study of Malaysia and Pakistan

Dr. Seema Munaf, Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi, Pakistan

II – 2007-2008


Post Doctoral: Entrepreneurial Career Intention and Constraints among Final Year Management Post-Graduates in India, Singapore and Malaysia : A Comparative Study

Dr Rohit H Trivedi, Assistant Professor, V M Patel Institute of Management, Ganpat University, Kherva, North Gujarat, India.

III – 2012-2013


Doctoral: SCM and Organizational Performance: Strategic and Innovation Aspects Based on data from India and Pakistan Industry.

Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja,
Research Associate / Ph.D. Candidate, Room 167, SMEC Academic Block,
Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB),
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), DHA Lahore Cantt., Pakistan.


Post Doctoral: Foreign Aid and Economic Development: A Case Study of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Dr. Narayan Sethi,
Assistant Professor in Economics, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences,
National Institute of Technology (NIT),
Rourkela - 769 008, Orissa, India.
11. Post Doctoral: Human Capital Reporting in Emerging Economies: A Cross National Study of Bangladesh, India and Malaysia. Dr. Mir Mohammed Nural Absar,
Associate Professor of Management & HRM,
School of Business, East Delta University (EDU),
Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh.


AMDISA organises the South Asian Management Forum and academic conference every two years where member institutions and faculty share their research findings, interact with business leaders, policy administrators and other academics from different parts of South Asia and outside. Each of these Forums has led to a scholarly publication which is distributed free to all member institutions. The first was held at Hyderabad in 1990, the second at Kathmandu in 1992, the third at Dhaka in 1994,the fourth at Colombo in 1995,the fifth at Thimpu in 1998; the sixth at Pune in 2000, seventh in Maldives in 2002, the eighth in Pakistan 2004, the ninth in Bangladesh 2007, the tenth in Bhutan in 2009, the eleventh in Nepal 2011, the twelfth in India 2013. The thirteenth forum took place in Sri Lanka in March 2015.

Every alternate year AMDISA also organizes a South Asian Management Colloquium where business leaders, management academics and policy makers join in to review management education and look at managerial issues relevant for South Asian cooperation and development. The Nepal Administrative staff college hosted the first colloquium in March 1995 at Kathmandu, the second Management Colloquium was held at Karachi in 1997.

The third Management Colloquium was held in Maldives at Institute of Management & Administration in July 1999.


AMDISA provides member institutions professional assistance in auditing and reviewing the institutional capabilities and helps them evolve strategic directions for the future. A three member review team is constituted for each institution which interacts with faculty and administration, and analyses secondary data for about a week. During this time, the team sounds them with its findings and generates options and action plans as a co-operative exercise. The team may use mail questionnaires to collect basic information. This is a gratis service, however actual expenses on travel and local hospitality have to be provided by the member institution.

AMDISA participated in the first Global Management Forum in Montreal in 1991, co-sponsored the second Global Management Development Forum in Barcelona, 1993, and is supporting the third held at Chicago in 1998 and the fourth at Bangkok. The AMDISA Founder President is on the board of INTERMAN. 

AMDISA has participated in the Global Leadership Conference on Environment and Business, Costa Rica, 1995, and Global Network Meetings in Cleveland, Ohio, 1995, Halifax Canada, 1994, Brussels, Belgium, 1996 Chicago, 1998, Santiago 1999, and Bangkok 2002 is always on the lookout for other such opportunities which may enable AMDISA to share and learn from experiences worldwide. 


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