AMDISA's Quality Assurance Programme

SAQS Governance Structure

Briefly, SAQS has emerged as a system which provides a quality assurance and accreditation framework based on regional and international experiences and perspectives. Its policy is determined by a broad-based SAQS Council. The process is managed by the SAQS Committee. The major inputs for the quality assurance and accreditation process are generated by the management school found eligible for SAQS, through its Self-Assessment Report. This is followed by the visit of the international SAQS Peer Review Team to the school. Based on the Peer Review Report and Recommendations, the final school-wise decisions are made by the SAQS Accreditation Awarding Committee. All these SAQS forums comprise Chairman and Members who have a wide variety of experience as senior academic administrators in the South Asian management community. AMDISA Secretariat coordinates SAQS activities.




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