The facilitation services to AMDISA supported webinars / virtual conferences are given below:

1) Allowing the usage of AMDISA’s logo on the member institution's event website/promotional literature and providing the logo art work design;

2) Uploading of events and its essential features on AMDISA’s website;

3) Sending e-mail communications to AMDISA Member Institutions for furthering event information dissemination. A mail will be sent initially on hosting on website and a second time, two/three days prior to the conference;

4) AMDISA strives to help the Member institution opting for AMDISA Supported Webinars / Virtual Conferences through the above mentioned ways. The response to the event solely depends on the viewers/readers perception of the event theme, concept, facilitation offered by the host institution. The service availing institution is requested to kindly bear this aspect in mind before opting for the service.

5) The above support is provided for a nominal amount of Rs. 20,000/- + applicable tax.



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