15th South Asian Management Forum (SAMF) - 2019

Theme: "Challenges of Inclusive Growth and Sustainability: The South Asian Context"
Sukkur IBA University, Sukkur, Pakistan

27th to 29th September
, 2019

South Asian Management Forum (SAMF) is a biennial conference organized by the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA). The 15th SAMF is being hosted in Pakistan by Sukkur IBA University(SIBAU), Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan (AMDIP) and University of Management and Technology (UMT). It will be held from 27th to 29th September, 2019 at Sukkur IBA University, Sukkur, Pakistan.

The theme of the 15th SAMF is "Challenges of Inclusive Growth and Sustainability: The South Asian Context". South Asian populace need the management intellect to address their issues and problems generally falling around the intersects of inclusive growth and sustainability, so that every individual can take benefit equally. All three dimensions of inclusive growth economic, institutional and social with a direct focus on sustainable development goals will be of interest. Topics including analysis of problems, their plausible solutions and lessons learned from the past strategies related to inclusive growth and to make it sustainable would be encouraged.

The forum aims to bring together management experts, scholars, practicing managers, business leaders, policy administrators and other academicians from different countries of South Asia on a platform to discuss various connected issues and share their research findings. The last conference - 14th SAMF - was held in Bandos Island, Maldives in 2017.

15th SAMF invites the scholars, thinkers, researchers, academicians, practitioners, and business leaders to join the forum to share their philosophical, conceptual or empirical views and thoughts with others.





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